About Janice


In November 2018, I was honored to be elected to represent the west side of San Francisco on the BART Board of Directors.

As a first-time candidate, I put my 10+ years of community organizing to the test by talking to people, one voter at a time from community meetings to farmers markets to Muni stops and BART stations. I secured nearly 40,000 votes in a landslide victory and I was humbled to become the first woman to ever serve District 8 on the BART Board.

In my year of service, I haven’t been shy about making headlines and keeping to my campaign promise of making sure our regional public transit system puts people first. I had an 100% attendance rate and successfully won every initiative I supported, whether it was expanding bike access on BART’s new fleet of train cars or approving BART’s first-ever low-income fare program to defeating an attempt to ban busking and panhandling. I’ve demanded answers to respond to rider concerns around weekend service and fare gate changes. I continue to work towards bringing greater staff presence on trains and at stations to ensure our riders feel safe and welcome when taking BART.

What I’m most proud of is making BART and its governance more accessible to the public. I host live agenda reviews to explain what comes before the BART Board and use social media to engage a broader public. I’ve had no shortage of media hits for the work I’ve been doing, and you can read those highlights here.

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