My vision for BART is simple: A safe, reliable transit system that puts people first. That’s why my top three issues are safety, fiscal responsibility, and affordability.

Here are some ideas I have on these issues and what I would fight for to tackle each. What are your thoughts? Email me at with your ideas.


We need to make BART stations clean, safe and welcoming. The recent deaths of Nia Wilson and Jessica St. Louis are a tragic and very real reminder that BART is facing serious problems and is unable to keep our stations safe. I am committed to being on the ground and bringing the resources needed to San Francisco’s BART stations. The status quo is not acceptable and I would direct resources to prioritize downtown San Francisco stations for cleaning and staffing.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Focus on BART’s core system rather than advocate for new, unfunded expansions
  • Ensure BART’s budget is accessible and easy to understand for the public
  • Hold BART management accountable to delivering on 2016’s BART bond dollars, with a focus on the $350 million in station access improvements (e.g. elevator and escalator replacement)
  • Regularly attend BART Bond Oversight Committee meetings
  • Diversify revenue sources and increase revenues through efforts like Transportation Task Force 2045 and supporting measures like the TNC Tax (AB 1184)

Many west siders do not depend on BART as part of their daily commute but they still pay into the system. I would hold BART accountable to their timelines of delivering critical maintenance and upgrades as part of Measure RR ($3.5 billion bond approved by voters in 2016) and push for transparency in how BART’s budget is developed.

Given my experience serving on San Francisco’s Transportation Task Force 2045 and being a leader in the Transit Justice Coalition, I have a strong understanding of transportation funding and have been actively leading advocacy to push for progressive revenue measures to fund needs like Free Muni for Youth and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.


  • Expand discounted/free fare programs for low-income BART riders, including students, seniors, and people with disabilities
  • Support AB 2923 (Chiu) and push for highest levels of affordable housing on BART property to meet previously approved guidelines of building 20,000 units of housing on BART property by 2040
  • Establish a equitable fare policy so that BART serves the widest possible ridership, which should include:
    • Exploring implementing fare integration between BART and Muni
    • Reestablishing BART + Muni FastPass in San Francisco
    • Creating a monthly pass for BART

It is imperative that BART see itself as a regional agency that impacts people and communities, rather than just a service that operates trains. I believe that mobility is a human right, and we have work to do to make sure everyone can get around in ways that are truly affordable and accessible. I’m ready to fight for that on the BART Board.

Through my time at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I’ve participated in a wide range of conversations from regional fare policy to financial justice. I’ve consistently advocated to establish low-income fare programs and have worked to identify sustainable funding so these programs can survive. Lastly, I’ve worked at the local, regional and state level to push for and win legislation that prioritizes transit and sustainable transportation. I’ve developed strong relationships with our state legislators and have actively worked on, supported, and won a wide range of state bills, including AB 1184 (Ting), which was recently signed by Gov. Brown.

Paid for by Janice Li for BART Board 2018, FPPC # 1408137

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